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4 Ways Positive Affirmations Can Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

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When you’re in pursuit of a new goal, any bit of a daily positive boost to help get you there faster + plus in a more enjoyable way, helps! This is where positive affirmations can help you. Reading positive affirmations aloud daily is almost like someone is giving you positive praise for a job well done; only you’re the one praising yourself woot woot! Which in my opinion is even better! Here are four ways positive affirmations can help you reach your goals faster.


#1 – Feel Your Goal Is Coming To Fruition + Yours

When you’re reading an affirmation aloud you’re programming your brain to tell you your goal is yours for the taking and is coming like t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w. Keep repeating and repeating your affirmations daily while working on your goal and watch how fast you’ll meet your final destination + how much dang fun it was to get there!


#2 – Positive Active Visualization Tool

Reading aloud your positive affirmation for the day can be a positive active visualization tool to help you visualize your end goal. You get to feel, taste, visualize, and savor the positive feeling of achieving your desire daily. Again, this tells the mind your outcome is near and tells your heart and spirit that it feels good to check another goal off your bucket list. And, yes, how much dang fun it is to get there!


#3 – Helps You Develop A Positive Daily Habit Of Working On Your Goal

When you’re doing something that’s fun and is having a positive affect on your self esteem + confidence and is motivating you to keep going = you’ll want to keep repeating the new habit naturally! That to me is ONE of the biggest benefits to practicing positive affirmations. You’ll be developing a positive healthy habit of working on your goal.


#4 – Become Your Greatest Cheerleader + Increase Self Esteem + Confidence

Compliments from friends and loved ones is awesome, but what’s even better is when you compliment yourself. Even after just a week of reading positive affirmations aloud can honestly make you feel like you’re winning some type of trophy hee hee. The more you read the affirmations the more self esteem and confidence you will build, and this will fire you up to keep going daily grrrr!


Coach Lisa Woeller

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