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mindset coach + positive motivator + lover of books + nature lover +  kind of a spiritual badass = me.

My life would forever change after my mom passed away. My mom’s life was taken away from me at the very hands of my own brother (he is in prison for life). The way I looked at life would be different. The way I made my life decisions would be different. Everything from that moment on would be different. I knew that life was precious and that there was no guarantee how long my time here on earth would be. From that moment on I PROMISED myself to never regret anything in my life, so I made sure that all my life decisions were based on things that truly made me HAPPY. Even if that meant being a little rebel sometimes. Heh heh heh.

I vowed to say what I truly wanted to say to the people I cared about no matter if I sounded ridiculous, or no matter how afraid I was to say it. I said it anyway.

I said it as if I were going to die tomorrow. I told myself: If I die tomorrow and go to heaven and I could look back on my life, would I had regretted NOT saying something to [fill in the blank]? Most of the time it would end up being a: Hell yeah say something to so and so you B.

I vowed if there was a goal I really wanted that I needed to be extra serious and go for it—most of those goals were internet project related goals. Along my way I was cyber stalked. I told no one about it in the beginning. I remember the days when I didn’t want to go on my computer to work on a business project, because I knew that person would be there trying to bother me and spreading lies about me online calling me every name in the book: a scammer, spammer, liar, fraud, fake victim, copyright infringer, gross bitch, hacker, etc. Those were the days I’d just sit on the floor of my bedroom’s walk-in closet and just break down and cry.

Months passed by and those months turned into one year. That year, in 2007, I realized I was breaking my vow to not live in regret. I knew I’d be breaking my promise had I continued to let this person stop me from moving forward with some of my life goals, so I decided to move on even if that person didn’t. Moving forward sometimes meant that I had to talk myself into being comfortable in the uncomfortable. The woman who cyberstalked me would go on to do so for over +10 years. 

I have a deep desire and passion to help people shine their light even if they fear of what others may think. I have a deep desire to help people focus on the positives versus the negatives. And most of all, I have deep desire and passion to help others who too vow to not live in regret, and to go after what they want in life no MATTER what. Our future doesn’t have to = our past, but we can grow from our past. We can grow from all the pain, failures, and disappointments and have that be our driving force to move forward and still kick ass regardless! I hope to get to know you better and I’m so glad you’re here with me. I’m truly honored to help you with your goals and dreams. And I look forward to helping you bulldoze any roadblocks stopping you from getting what you want from life. Love, and wishing you soooo many, many blessings! I want you to know the blessings are coming your way. Get ready!


More About ♡Lisa
  • I'm certified as a Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Bereavement Coach.
  • I have been a Spiritual Life Coach since 2008 and entered Mindset Coaching in 2013. I still very much incorporate spirituality with my Mindset Coaching. Yes, yes! 
  • I’m totally coming out of the closet: I’m a software junkie. I am an intuitive learner of PHP (the best way to explain it is I’m like Rogue from X-Men the movie edition.)
  • I’m a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway. If you ever want to gift me anything Hemingway… you will make me ONE happy gal. No joke! Send them gifts right over to my mailbox & I will remember you forever & ever. SMILES. (:

  • I have this thing for sharks! I particularly have a love for great white sharks.

  • My fave fruits are jalapeño & mango!

  • I love thrill rides + kayaking + sand dollars + double rainbows + photography + hiking + dancing + gymnastics + writing + good movie lines + poetry + whiskey + happy endings + the occasional Pixy Stix!

  • Velociraptor! Good Housekeeping! John Stamos!

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