Change Of Heart Versus Giving Up & Quitting

A few days ago I made an informal announcement on my personal Instagram account that I would no longer be active on the social media platform (IG & Facebook). Wow oh wow! I never imagined some peeps would not like my decision on that. The majority were super kind and sweet and sent well wishes on my journey via direct message, but some were upset and angry?! Say wud?

Lisa Woeller
How many times have you had a change of heart on an important life decision (or even a small one) and loved ones kept trying to talk you out of your decision because they don’t like it? They may try to convince you that you’re a quitter hoping that you will change your mind. They may give you a hard time telling you that’s not the direction you originally planned and why are you giving up.

Now, how many times have friends and loved ones opinion of your new decision stop you from following through with your new life change? As we head into the New Year you may be setting new goals and even trying to make BIG life changes. The one thing you must do to follow through with any new life changes you’re trying to make is to follow your own HEART. It’s all too easy to second guess your decision to make certain life changes when friends and family members don’t support your decision at all. This is why it’s key to surround yourself around positive dream supporters.

If loved ones are still confusing you/making you second guess your decision with any new life changes you’re making, and you find yourself stalling and not following through with the new changes, ask yourself:

(A.) Am I making this decision so I can be happier?


(B.) Am I making this decision so that people won’t think I am a quitter/or/because people won’t approve of my decision?

Change of Heart = Aiming for more happiness. What makes you more happier and at peace.

Quitting/Giving Up = You think the end result won’t happen so FEAR tells you to QUIT your goal and plans, but deep down you really want that goal = Quitting.

If you’re making the decision so that you can be happier, then the decision for this change comes from your heart and that’s not giving up or quitting at all. At the beginning of each day you still wake up in your body. In your skin. You live your life others don’t live it. You are responsible for your own happiness not others. So whenever you feel like you’re disappointing others remember it’s your life; your own happiness sweets. There’s no guarantee that we will live to be 100 years old. Our time on earth is precious why not spend the rest of your years on this beautiful planet happy as can be. 🙂

And with that said… I am still on good ole Twitter. I encourage you to keep aiming for more happiness in your life and choosing the path the leads to that. If it helps, you can make your decisions quietly and just do it and others will adjust… and… if they don’t it’s not your problem it’s theirs so carry on and keep kicking ass! Here’s to a beautiful New Year! Sending lots of love and hugs!


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