One-On-One Mindset Coaching With Lisa


Ready to take your life to the next level? Have a life goal you want to hit and want an accountability partner? Someone who can help pick your brain and help you move forward with your plans instead of them being just plans?

What’s The Next Level of Your Life Look Like?

The next level of your life doesn’t have to be a BIG huge goal. It can mean, launching a new part-time online business, losing 30 pounds, making new life changes like dating again, or deciding what career field you want to enter. But hell yeah, they could be BIG goals too like…

  • writing a book
  • pursuing your dream job
  • putting yourself out there to get that acting job you want

Nobody can define your success only you can.

It all starts what you want and what you’re ready for next for your life…

My one-on-one coaching is a 6 week commitment. And if you looove me we can make an even longer commitment after the six weeks has ended. We’ll chat for 30 to 60 minutes per session once a week. If you’re serious and want to get going, please hit the ‘Send Application’ button, and I’ll send you an application very, very soon.

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Psst, side note: Happiness doesn’t begin when you meet your goal it starts NOW, today… meanwhile you can still work on pursing your life goals and dreams, sweets. I will help take you there by being by your side every step of the way. I can’t wait to get to know you better and help turn you even more into a badass on FIRE! Grrrrr! Talk soon sweets! xoxo



My one-on-one coaching program is 6 weeks long. Each session will be between 30 to 60 minutes long. Our coaching sessions will take place over the phone at an agreed time and set day of the week. We’ll chat once a week.

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I’ve been trained and certified in the following areas: certified business coach, certified relationship and bereavement coach, and certified as a spiritual life coach. I have 12 years personal experience combating cyberstalking. I have also helped many people combat cyberstalking and cyber harrassment online since 2010 – including working one-on-one with them quietly behind the scene. *Please note: I do not charge active cyberstalking victims who want my personal help. I’m only one person and can only help so many people at once, so at this time I am not working one-on-one with cyberstalking victims, but will in the next few months.

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