Cyberstalking & Cyberbullying Victims: Never Apologize For Who You Are

Never apologize for who you’re, ever. You are free! Do what you want and the haters and critics can go Argo fuck themselves! So hell with it take more pics, shine, create, express, be free baby!! 🇺🇸

Not too long ago some lovely person left messages (back in February of this year) expressing how crappy they thought my work was and that I was an attention whore. Well, I say to that person: here you go I hope you love my new pic!!! In the beginning of being cyberstalked all I had was only one headshot of me online and I was told that I was just trying to get male attention and that the photo was too sexy. So, for years I posted ZERO new photos of me online because I was hyper sensitive to the negative comments back then. Normally I would not share something like this… but… I only share to inspire you to keep going, and to keep shining. It no way implies I’m angry or not a peaceful person… nah, nah quite the opposite: I’m feeling free! Free to express. I want the same thing for you: To do what you want when you want and how YOU want. And to not let the opinion of others sway you from doing what you want, and how you want, and how YOU want to express that. Keep speaking your truth regardless of what others may think of you, period.

When you practice speaking your truth and turning your pain into helping others in pain I promise your heart will smile more, and you will become stronger. Will it happen overnight? No. Will there be hell of a bad days? Yes. I have those too I’m def not perfect. I’m human. Will you overcome the bad days? Hell yeah! Now, let’s also focus on other important missions and causes to help heal one another. The first one I want to share is The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Please support their mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide:

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