Online Reputation Management For Cyberstalking Victims: Using Your Name In Hashtags to Dominate In Search Online

If you’re a victim of a cyberstalker (or a cyberbully) and your cyberstalker is now using social media to publicly harass you and spread lies about you and it’s been extremely difficult to stop them, please read every word of this. First, I want to send you virtual ***hugs*** and let you know that you’re an incredibly brave person.

After being a cyberstalking victim victor for 12 years and helping others online I have learned that most cyberstalking predators all have ONE thing in common: They want to scare and control their victims into hiding and want them to be in complete silence. Armed with this knowledge, you must know that what I am about to suggest you do will most likely piss the cyberstalker/cyberbully off more. However, if the social media companies (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) nor the FBI (say you’re being massed attacked online by profiles that simply have usernames with no profile photo & appear to be fake accounts) are doing nada to remove the defamatory posts or harassing posts, allowing the posts to remain and rank in the search engines and on social media search is only going to impact you more in a negative way online. This is especially true if you own an online business or are a freelancer online and you’re looking for new work. For example, smart savvy consumers will Google your business and full name to see if they want to do business with you online. If consumers see negative reviews, unfavorable comments about you and your business, they may believe them as TRUE and never want to do business with you.

Cyberstalkers can posts lies about you, post your home address, post your phone number, impersonate you online and try to ruin your reputation… or… anything else the cyberstalking predator can think of to make you look bad and to scare you off. That’s their goal they WANT you to RUN. The cyberstalker wants you to be SCARED and disappear. My first advice, of course, is to screenshot all evidence and then make contact with the social media site’s support and report the harassment. From there you’ll want to carefully document everything so that if the cyber harassment escalates you can report it to the police or FBI. However, the US is behind on cybercrime in my opinion. Please don’t give up hope if you’re turned away after reporting the cyberstalking. My hope is that this method can help you some.


Step #1 – Assess The Situtation

Which of three big social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – which is owned by Facebook) is the cyber harasser/cyberbully/cyberstalker using to harass you? If it’s on any of those 3 social media sites, the good news is you can apply this simple method I’m about you show to deter negative search results with your full name on these platforms.

Step #2 – Get Used to Putting Yourself Out There

If you’re uncomfortable with putting yourself out there online along with using your full name I want you to START getting used to it. Get comfortable in being uncomfortable. Why is that you say?… This is because by putting your name out there along with your content (your photos, your own social media posts, your own site’s blog posts, etc.) that you control the more control YOU will have. So the more content YOU own and have the more you dominate in search. So from here on out you should be making new content daily, or, if not, a few times a week on the social media platforms where your cyberstalker is attacking you. So, for example, if they’re spreading lies about you online on Instagram start posting there more often and…

  1. Use your full name in hashtags. So, for example, if your name is Jack North use the hashtag #jacknorth in most of all your new posts. By the way, you can go ahead and use other hashtags so they don’t look lonely of course and if makes you feel more comfortable. Even if you’re not in the picture or the post isn’t about you still add your full name in the hashtag.
  2. Take proactive action. Repeat this method on all the other social media channels. That way if your cyberstalker/cyberbully tries to head over to a different platform to play their dirty games you’ll be a step ahead of them.
  3. Permission to shine.  One thing I wanted to mention is be prepared your cyberstalker/cyberbully may call you out and say you’re a narcissistic the more you put yourself out there online. But, realize that’s just them wanting you stop and go away and hide. You’re free… and… you HAVE the control.
  4. Moderation is key. You can apply the hashtag method in Tumblr and Pinterest as well. Just make sure you’re not appearing as a spammer or you’ll get banned from the social media platform. So going cray and making 10 posts on Instagram in one day with your full name in hashtags is not a good idea. And if you’re cyberstalker is doing that you could report them as a spammer, and from my experience IG will remove the account fast so you end up winning still.


Step #3 – Use Your Full Name as Your Username

If you can, I recommend you using your full name as your username on the social media channels. For example, here’s my Twitter:

The reason why it is better to use your full name as your username is because your full name will rank better in search engines and social media search. So ditch the UnicornSweetiexyzxyz username and swap that for your full name. And the good news is if your full name is a common name, then your cyberstalker/cyberbully isn’t going to get very far spreading lies about you because your name is too common to rank.


Example of Hashtag in Action

Here’s an example of how I’ve used my own name in hashtags. Click the image for a larger view.


My Last Thoughts On This

My last thoughts on this is if you don’t have to be on this everyday and create posts like it’s your job. Just a few posts here and there and no biggie. Also, if it just a few posts that your cyberstalker/cyberbully has and they’re not getting any traction or ranking in search and has no real likes to the page/post you may just want to screenshot, report, and don’t worry too much about it. At this point in time for me I am not really caring about using hashtags with my full name. But, I do like to use my name in hashtags every now to help inspire others to keep shining, to keep going, and to not be afraid. And lastly, there are ways to rank higher on the social media platforms for your hashtags, but I will cover that somewhere else in the near future. Until then, stay shiny, avoid distractions, and kick ass with your goals!


Disclaimer: The methods suggested in this post are my personal opinions and based on my own experiences and experiences working with others successfully using this method. Use at your own risk.

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