You Can’t Turn An Adult Cyberbully Into a Friend

Important lesson I learned about toxic people online: You can’t turn a hater into a friend so you may as well please yourself and move on from even paying attention to what the hater has to say about you. A good way to not take what the random “adult cyberbully” has to say about you to heart is to know you don’t even know that stranger behind the computer screen, so it doesn’t matter if they like you or not. You can get everyone to like you and not everyone will.

The hater/adult cyberbully will always find something wrong about you and call it out no matter what you do. They might say things like, “you’re fake, you’re not very intelligent, you’re fat, you don’t teach peace you lie, your work is shitty.”

Why is it that the hater keeps paying so much attention to you online if they dislike you so much?

The answer is: They have problems and it’s not your problem that they dislike you it’s theirs, so best let them deal with it on their own.

Should You Speak Up To Every Hater and Adult Cyber Bully That Targets You Online?

Should you speak up up to every hater and adult cyber bully that targets you online? This is up to you. I say CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES WISELY (and your time wisely).

When I was actively being cyberstalked for 12 years the woman had created so many online fake profiles attacking me (on messages boards, social media sites, etc.) that it would have been pointless to argue with every single fake profile speaking bad about me. So speak up when you feel it’s worth your time and it’s worth the battle to spend on that ‘certain’ cyberbully; if not, simply screenshot, report, and block and move on from paying attention or communicating with the toxic hater. Then keep shining and doing your thang. Live how you want it’s your life you need not explain how you want to live, ever. You’re free!


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