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Deep Faith Eliminates Fear

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#1. Reminder to keep praying instead of worrying. So if you’re ever feeling worried or a little anxious instead of staying there: pray or meditate.


#2. Reminder to be grateful for all the good in your life versus any lack you may feel right now aka fear that your prayers will not be answered = have more faith, more faith. Especially prayers to things we cannot really control like death, terminal illness, when exactly the right moment in your life you’ll meet the love of your life & marry them, etc. Maybe it will take a bit more time to reach your goal or to have your prayer answered to happen, but that’s okay stay patient and try your best to keep positive while you do the human work towards all your goals on your end, and enjoy life.


Even writing out a list of all the things you’re grateful for in your life right now will help reground you and put you in a more grateful state.


And if you still feel ungrounded after doing all of step #1 + #2 I recommend you go outdoors in nature… then… BAM you’re back!! You should be feeling rejuvenated and stronger!