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Journaling To Help You Reach Your Goals

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Mindset coach Lisa Woeller here, with a quick tip to help you keep on track with your goals. My tip is simple: Journal daily. Yes, daily! 🙂

Here’s the biggest reason why journaling helps you to keep on track with your goals: It helps you identify any obstacles.

Yes, To-Do Lists are great, but sometimes life happens and something doesn’t get done on your list. When you journal daily and you reflect on the week(s), you can see what obstacles prevented you from working toward your goal. When you identify which obstacles keep popping up for you, you can then prepare for a plan of action to overcome the obstacles that hinder your progress. Boom! Goodbye obstacles we don’t miss you haha! 😉

For example, say you want to lose weight and you find your cardio workout routine makes your knees act up. You write about it in your journal for a few days how it sucks waiting to workout because of the knees, and how much you want to lose the weight this year. When you reflect back on your journal for the week a magical idea hits you: instead of waiting to do the cardio routine, you could do arm exercises with weights and some yoga.


Even better. Say you just hate the jumpy jump bunny cardio and it makes you feel unmotivated to workout. You reflect on the week and say to yourself, “Hey, this cardio DVD isn’t working out so great for me. I HATE the workout routine and I noticed I only did one workout this week because of it = no bueno I want to do something funner. I want to workout 5x a week. That was my goal. Hmm, maybe I should take up kayaking instead!”

So that’s my simple mindset hack: Journaling =

1. Write in journal daily
2. Reflect for the week
3. Identify any obstacles
4. Create solutions to overcome obstacles
5. Take action with the new solutions

Happy Journaling and keep working your goals Sweets!