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Master Of My Fate: Decide You Will Succeed

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I was inspired to write this post by part of a poem written by William Ernest Henley. It goes something like this:

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

-William Ernest Henley

I love this message because to me it’s a great reminder that all the hardships we’ve endured in life do not have to dictate our future. I could have let the woman who cyberstalked me for 12 years, harassed me, and published lies all over the internet about me non-stop, stop me from being online, but I didn’t. I could let the person who sexually abused me growing up be an excuse for me to hate all men, but I don’t.

Maybe your last online business venture failed miserably that you’ve lost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. Shed blood, sweat,  tears… LOST TIME… time that you’ll never ever get back. Been there done that a long time ago my friend. Even if you failed miserably at some biz projects in the past don’t let it stop you. Keep pushing forward, take the pen and write a new chapter and take action and make this your biggest comeback ever!!! ❤️ Lots of successful people have failed before. And they have failed. a. lot.  People like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, Steven King, Albert Einstein, and hell of a lot more. Trust me. Those guys and gals didn’t let failure stop them. They kept driving on. Hellz yeah let that be you too.

Maybe the last relationship you had the person relentlessly cheated on you and hurt your heart making you truly believe ALL men/women are players, and you vowed to never love and TRUST again. Take heart, you can rewrite your story and decide that, yes, some of those horrible things weren’t under your direct control, but that ain’t stopping you from finding the right person and being in a healthy loving, hot, SEXY relationship.

You could let a horrible experience(s) keep you stuck, affect your future goals and plans… or… you can choose to heal. You can choose to rise up and move forward to what it is you want, deserve, and desire in life. Only you can stop you. Keep going beautiful in the direction of your big beautiful heart. Big hugs!