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Creating a Positive Morning Mindset

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Just me filming at my fave lake with one last card to share via video with you from my Mindset Coaching Cards deck. I’ve been running the lake in the morning for a little over a month during the AM because it’s been so hot! I normally run during the afternoon, but quickly changed my routine because of the dang hot Santa Ana winds. But, I got to say, it’s a lot more peaceful during the morning time and all the bunnies and squirrels come out to welcome you + watching the sunrise is beautiful and it really sets the tone for my day. And while I do miss my run-ins with the rattlesnakes (I love snakes btw) during the PM lol, I’m really enjoy the cooler weather in the AM.

One thing that’s very important for me is to make my mornings special and create me time: time to meditate, time to read from my bible + my morning book, eat, and relax before I do any type of work. Having a sacred morning ritual sets the tone for my day, and I get off to a positive start! So if you’re a night owl right now and don’t think you can be a h-a-p-p-y early riser, you truly CAN be. Which, btw, years ago when I was a hairstylist (and night owl), I hated waking up early and then going straight to work because it just felt so rushed and felt that all I had time for was working. If I only did what I do now, I am sure my mindset and mood would have been a whole lot different back then lol. The key is to wake up a little bit earlier to devote extra time for yourself and create your own sacred morning ritual. You can practice yoga, meditate, or journal and have your fave candle burning while you write + eat a yummy bowl of strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt. Yum! Or even better, make a fruit smoothie. Btw, I love using my Magic Bullet its awesome!

Lis <3


P.S. I do run with a light because it is so dark during part of my early A.M. run; although, it is not showing up in this vid because I was trying to film. I also take with me: hydration pack, the ‘special’ flashlight, smartphone, ID bracelet listing medical conditions, aspirin (just in case I suffer another heart attack), first aid kit, self defense weapons, and a few other things. I like to think of it as gearing up for having a positive, proactive mindset for my morning.

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