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Taking Some Time Off to Heal Your Heart

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We’re always on the go, and for some of us here fighting the fight. Know it’s okay to take a break from it all, and it’s ok to set some time out for yourself. Taking more care of yourself isn’t selfish it’s a necessity not a luxury. Maybe making more you time means taking a vacation, or simply taking one day off and just enjoying the day with zero electronics around and heading out into nature.

When I was going through one of the most stressful, painful times in my life heading out to go on hikes with my baby girl was my way of healing. I gave up caffeine, drank only water, gave up eating meat, discovered the healing powers of the archangels (especially Archangel Michael), and prayed more to God for help. Doing so brought more inner peace in my life even though total chaos was surrounding me online and off. Sending you healing love, light, and peace.