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The Secret To Finally Attaining That Ultimate Goal Of Yours

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June, December, and January are the most popular months of the year where most people do a check in to see what goals they’ve accomplished — and review the goals they haven’t accomplished yet. And when one starts to look at the goals they haven’t accomplished yet it can trigger negativity within them. They may tell themselves things like:

Why the heck haven’t I finished that project?
Why haven’t I lost all the weight?
Why haven’t I [insert goal here] yet?
Does this sound like a lot like you?

Give Yourself Some Credit

Maybe you have an internet business project that you’ve been working on for a long time, but it’s not quite done yet. Maybe you’re still struggling to lose the last 20 pounds of weight. Maybe you realize that you have so much more on your to-do list before hitting that ultimate goal of yours that it’s frustrating the living crap out of you!

Even if you didn’t take human physical action on one thing towards that grand beloved goal of yours GIVE yourself credit for self-growth. Self-growth counts! It counts BIG TIME. It counts because that’s what’s going to propel you to take action and get you moving forward in the direction you want to go. If you didn’t care or want that super goal of yours then you wouldn’t be reading this. See? Self-growth points for you. Your next step now is to take continuous bite-size action toward your goal.

Bite-Size Goals & Action

The mistake most people make when trying to reach that coveted goal of theirs IS they make ONE very long to-do list. And when they look at that one long to-do list it can feel so darned impossible to complete. Or even worse, they’ll set an impossible deadline to that long seemingly impossible task list. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight you can’t expect to drop 50 pounds in a week. It means you have to lose one to two pounds at a time per week. Or if you’re writing a book it means writing ONE chapter at a time — not trying to complete writing the book in one night.

The cure to making that long task list seem shorter is by breaking up the list up into stages. Not only will dividing up that long task list make it much more doable, but it will also be a whole lot more funner to complete. No crash and burn happening here. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Step #1 — Divide Your Task List & Make It An Operation

  • Use Google Docs to make your complete to-do list.
  • Name your to-do list and make it an operation. Yes, kind of like a military operation! Like Operation Fit Michael or Operation Buff Betty. I know my titles are funny, eh?
  • Divide your completed list into small stages. Don’t ever add any new tasks to a stage you are working on. If you have more tasks to add, add it to a different stage or create a new stage.
  • Set a target completion date for each stage.
  • Be sure to set a reasonable target completion date for each stage. Meaning, don’t set the target completion date to some crazy unattainable time frame. I used to be guilty of doing that myself in the past too hee hee! Also, don’t set your target date so far away that it’s bordering procrastination style.
  • Grey out each task you complete in a stage by using the text highlight tool in Google Docs.

Step #2 — Celebrate Hitting Each Stage

Instead of waiting to celebrate hitting your ultimate goal celebrate as you hit each stage! When you reward yourself for completing each stage it tells the brain you are making progress… and… that you’re that much closer to reaching that ultimate goal of yours! I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting. I also dislike all work and no fun, so rewarding yourself while working towards a goal makes things much more enjoyable and fun. It almost starts to feel like you’re playing a fun video game. You know, you get game upgrades and new weapons and SUPERPOWERS!
How you choose to celebrate completing a stage is totally up to you. You can celebrate by buying a new watch, outfit, or getting a nice massage at the spa. Just make sure you treat yourself in some way for completing each stage or I promise you you’re going to feel like you’re in punishment mode. Treating yourself is not a luxury but a necessity.

Step #3 — Evaluate Your Fun Factor

Dread doing a certain task? How can you make it funner? For example, if jogging is your main source of exercise to lose weight and now you absolutely hate it = Time to change your choice of exercise to something more enjoyable. For example, taking a spin class or kick boxing. It’s important to make sure you ENJOY the process of reaching that goal of yours. Otherwise, you won’t be motivated to take action. Another example is say you have new internet business project and you hate setting up new Google ad campaigns. To make the task of setting new ad campaigns more enjoyable you could simply outsource the task to someone else. Out there online there is someone who absolutely LOVES setting online ad campaigns and eat, sleeps, and breathes internet marketing. It doesn’t hurt to outsource a task you absolutely dread doing. If applicable of course. You can’t outsource someone doing your weight-loss exercises for you… nice try. Winks!

Step #4 — Repeat Steps One Through Three Until You Hit Your Ultimate Goal!

Repeat steps one through three until you reach that coveted goal of yours. Make sure to celebrate each stage and to adjust your fun factor when needed. And most of all aim for progress and not perfection. Be flexible and realistic when you’re setting all your stage target completion dates. Set yourself up for fun and success. Know that you’re going to reach that ultimate goal of yours you just have to take it one day at a time. You got this babe!