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When Loved Ones Don’t Believe You’ll Achieve Your Goals & Are Negative

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Let’s be honest: At one point or another we are going to have some negative thoughts. We are going to judge ourselves. We, at one point in time, will lack some confidence in some areas of our life (even if it’s just a smidge). We are human and it’s perfectly normal to have some doubts or some negative thoughts and feelings.



Imagine you’re trying to reach an ultimate goal and you have some negative feelings and doubts about reaching your desired outcome… and… imagine you have someone else in your ear 24/7 reminding you that you won’t make it. They says things like, “You’re just a dreamer. You’ve failed a thousand times before and it will probably not work out this time again. Are you sure it will work out this time? I don”t want you to get disappointed when you don’t get the results you want honey.”

Trust me, it IS going to be at least 50% more harder to achieve that ultimate goal of yours IF you’ve got a negative influencer in your life that’s telling you you’re gonna FAIL.

The last thing you need is another obstacle than the one you are giving yourself—that is—if you have any doubts or frustrations about your ability to achieve your goal.

Sometimes, it’s painful because the negative influencer can be a spouse, a family member, or a best friend. And those are the people who matter the most, so we can’t help but to automatically take what they say to heart.

So what can you do if this is your situation right now?

My best advice is this: stop talking about your goals, ambitions, and dreams with these certain loved ones.

Keep your dreams close to your heart. If you don’t they will likely continue to roll their eyes, feed you negativity and fear, etc. As much as you love them and respect their opinions they are being negative. It’s ultra important you keep as positive as you can when going for a goal. You need positive influencers in your life NOT negative ones. And if you have NONE in your life right now (trust me that happened to me before yearrrs ago) it’s important you find some positive influencers. The positive influencers don’t have to be in your circle of friends or family but can be as simple as following new blogs of peeps who are positive and talk about goal setting, or joining a mastermind group with positive people. Even READING positive affirmations and saying them out loud will help. Reading other people’s success stories will help a lot too. Anything that will have a positive impact in your day-to-day life to help you reach your goals is what’s gonna help propel you forward even faster.

I am not gonna lie. It’s going to be tough at first to NOT talk about your goals and dreams with your loved ones because naturally you’re pretty damn excited about your goals. But, it’s necessary for you own sanity and to reach your dream GOAL that you bite your tongue and move on from telling all. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch hanging out with the friends and family members that tend to be negative when it comes to discussing your goals with them. And that doesn’t mean that your loved ones hate you. It could very well be they think they are protecting you from getting hurt some how. On the other hand, if certain peeps in your life are just negative and treat you mean about anything and everything that is a completely different post (I’ll get to that one later). With that said Boo, I hope you kick ass on your upcoming goal and you steer away from dream killers otay? Otay! Blinders on and get back to work. You’re gonna do great! PS. Don’t forget you deserve the best remember that sweets!