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Mindst coaching cards

Work with these babies & kick bootay with your goals & life dreams!


Stay in touch + a dash of positivity and inspiration for you.

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50 Ways to Boost Your Mood + Mindset = Free Download

Mindset Coaching Cards

Using Mindset Coaching Cards is Easy + Fun!

My Mindset Coaching Cards are designed to motivate & help you kick bootay with your goals & life dreams! Mindset Coaching Cards work by using the Law of Attraction. 

– Hold the cards and fill them with your awesome energy.
– Ask the Universe/God/Source: What would you like me to know for today?
– Shuffle deck.
– Keep shuffling until one jumps out of deck.

Thrive + Drive Mindset

6 Months – Private 1:1 Coaching with Lisa

Thrive + Drive Mindset is a private VIP coaching program. You will have exclusive access to me for 6 whole months. I will have 2 spots open starting September 2019 (now closed thank you). By approval of application only.

THIS IS JUST FOR YOU IF YOU: r-e-a-l-l-y want to kick ass with your goal AND need the accountability; someone to help you see the roadblocks you’ve placed in front of you; someone to be your secret weapon & support system; someone who will cheer you on; someone who will help you walk you through the FEAR = Facing Everything And RISING. One last thing: I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Most peeps describe me as super progressive, unconventional, fun, can be loud, and a little bit weird haha! OMG, I sound like a puppy you may want to adopt heh heh heh. 😛